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धारा ( dhara ) FLOW ( Noun ) Timely and proper flow of information is very important for good management.
चरखी ( charakhi ) PULLEY ( Noun ) Water is drawn by stretching the pulley attached to the well.
जंतु ( janatu ) ANIMAL ( Noun ) शेर एक माँसाहारी जंतु है।
घुसपैठ ( ghusapaiTh ) INCURSION ( Noun ) the incursion of television into the American living room
सिद्धांत पर आधारित ( siddhanat par Adharit ) PRINCIPLED ( Adjective )
के अनुसार ( ke anusar ) AS PER ( Noun )
कपड़े पहनना ( kapaDDe pahanana ) CLOTHE ( Verb ) She clothed herself in a new dress.
विभाजन ( vibhajan ) APPORTIONMENT ( Noun ) Each heir must get his proper apportionment .
मंथर गति से चलना ( manathar gati se chalana ) AMBLE ( Verb )
मंडप ( manaDap ) PAVILION ( Noun )