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चुम्बकीय ध्रुव ( chumbakiy dhruv ) POLE ( Noun ) they are at opposite poles
गंध ( ganadh ) ODOR ( Noun )
खोज करना ( khoj karana ) FIND ( Verb )
अलता पलती ( alata palati ) FLIP FLOP ( Noun ) Flip flop is a sandle in which there is a strap between big toe and toe next to it.
बंधनकारी ( banadhanakari ) BINDING ( Noun ) the book had a leather binding
से भागना ( se bhagana ) RUN AWAY FROM ( Verb )
देहात ( dehat ) BOONDOCKS ( Noun ) Their family lives way out in the boondocks.
खास ( khas ) BROAD ( Noun ) a broad is a woman who can throw a mean punch
दैव दुर्विपाक ( daiv durvipak ) VISITATION ( Noun ) A visitation of natural calamities affects people
बच्चा ( bachcha ) PUP ( Noun )