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भारवाही पशु ( bharavahi pashu ) PACK ANIMAL ( Noun )
उचित रूप से ( uchit rup se ) SQUARELY ( Adverb ) He was squarely blamed for the act.
पैरिश चर्च का रजइस्टर ( pairish charch ka rajisTar ) PARISH REGISTER ( Noun )
विद्वत्ता ( vidvatta ) SCHOLARSHIP ( Noun )
मोरी/मलप्रणाली ( mori/malapraNali ) SEWER ( Noun ) We must drain sewage into the sewer.
मठ ( maTh ) MONASTERY ( Noun ) The monastery was not easily accessible.
दशा ( dasha ) SITUATION ( Noun ) the present international situation is dangerous
बात ( bat ) WORD ( Noun ) words are the blocks from which sentences are made
जोड़ा ( joDaa ) CASE ( Noun ) it was a case of bad judgment
कल्पना में ( kalpana men ) IN MINDS EYE ( Noun )