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भुला भटका ( bhula bhaTaka ) ESTRAY ( Adjective )
दूध का दांत ( dudh ka danat ) BABY TOOTH ( Noun )
जारी रखना ( jari rakhana ) CONTINUE ( Verb ) Keep on working!
विलीनीकरण ( vilinikaraN ) AMALGAMATION ( Noun ) Amalgamation of various political parties can be seen during elections.
निशिचलअना ( nishichalana ) UPSET ( Verb ) his carelessness could have caused an ecological upset
मिश्रण ( mishraN ) DASH ( Noun ) he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer
नीहारिकाओं के मध्यवर्ती ( niharikaon ke madhyavarti ) INTERGALACTIC ( Adjective ) Space shuttle was sent to study the intergalactic stars.
गिरवी रखने वाला ( giravi rakhane vala ) MORTGAGOR ( Noun ) we became mortgagors when the bank accepted our mortgage and loaned us the money to buy our new home
कारावकाश ( karavakash ) PAROLE ( Noun ) कैदियों को कारावकाश पर भेजने का भी कानूनी प्रावधान है. There is a provision to send prisoners on parole.
लौकिक ( laukik ) WORLDLY ( Adjective ) worldly goods and advancement