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वोद्का ( vodka ) VODKA ( Noun )
पूँज़ी ( puNaJi ) STOCK ( Noun ) His mother gave him all her stock so that he could start his business well.
लागत ( lagat ) EXPENSE ( Noun ) He kept a record of his expenses at the meeting.
भोज कोट ( bhoj koT ) BLACK TIE ( Noun )
निडर ( niDar ) INTREPID ( Adjective )
झूठ ( jhuTh ) FALSITY ( Noun ) argument could not determine its truth or falsity
खबरदार करना ( khabaradar karana ) FOREWARN ( TransitiveVerb ) The metereological department forewarned fishermen not to venture into the sea.
मतदान ( matadan ) POLL ( Noun )
वृत्तांत ( vaRattanat ) EVENT ( Noun ) in that event, the first possibility is excluded
सीस्टिक फ़ाइब्रोसिस ( sisTik phaaibrosis ) CYSTIC FIBROSIS ( Noun )