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फलक ( phalak ) FLAT ( Noun ) the salt flats of Utah
दृष्टिभ्रम ( daRaShTibhram ) OVERSIGHT ( Noun ) The vehicle violated the traffic rule due to oversight
फिसलने वाला ( phisalane vala ) SLIDER ( Noun )
सरकाव ( sarakav ) REMOVAL ( Noun ) His removal from Head Office is good for him.
अधिकारी ( adhikari ) CHIEF ( Noun )
धौंस देना ( dhaunas dena ) BALLYRAG ( Verb )
चरवाहा ( charavaha ) GOATHERD ( Noun )
राजनैतिक ( rajanaitik ) POLITICAL ( Adjective ) The issue was made political by people with vested interests.
तिरछा ( tirachha ) SKEW ( Verb ) the lines on the sheet of paper are skewed
खींचने के लिए गाडी के पीछे लगा हुआ दंड ( khinachane ke lie gaDi ke pichhe laga huA danaD ) TOW BAR ( Noun ) I have to get a tow-bar.