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vinit( विनीत) COURTEOUS (Adjective) If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers it shows he is a citizen of the world
vinit( विनीत) RESPECTFUL (Adjective) respectful behavior
vinit( विनीत) CONDESCENDING (Verb)  
vinit( विनीत) DOCILE (Adjective) the docile masses of an enslaved nation
vinit( विनीत) UNPRETENTIOUS (Adjective) He is very unpretentious.
vinit( विनीत) GENTLE (Verb) A gentle breeze is blowing across the beach.
vinit( विनीत) UNOBTRUSIVE (Adjective) a quiet, unobtrusive life of self-denial


visheSh rup se (विशेष रूप से) NOTORIOUSLY (Adverb) Naxalites attack the public properties notoriously.
Tika TippaNi (टीका टिप्पणी) COMMENT (Noun ) From time to time she contributed a personal comment on his account
pahanava (पहनावा) COSTUME (Noun) In spite of the heat he insisted on wearing his woollen costume.
jabaradasti ghusana (ज़बरदस्ती घुसाना) CRUSH THROUGH (Verb )  
uchch vidyalay ka vidyarthi (उच्च विद्यालय का विद्यार्थी) SOPHOMORE (Noun)  

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Find answer of what is meaning of VINIT() in English dictionary? Search for translation and definition of VINIT in English language along with synonyms and antonyms.VINIT() ka matalab Angrezi me janiye. VINIT का अंग्रेजी में मतलब.Know the meaning of any word using myhindienglish.com find the meaning of Hindi word VINIT in english as well as in hindi.Know the other meaning of VINIT and how to use that word in your life.

Meaning of VINIT in English Translation of VINIT

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