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sudhar( सुधार) REFORM (Noun) justice was for sale before the reform of the law courts
sudhar( सुधार) REVISION (Noun) it would require a drastic revision of his opinion
sudhar( सुधार) REFORMATION (Noun) The reformation of criminals should be done by introducing moral values.
sudhar( सुधार) ADJUSTMENT (Noun) The car tyres needed light adjustments for driving on Indian roads.
sudhar( सुधार) AMENDMENT (Noun)  
sudhar( सुधार) BETTERMENT (Noun)  
sudhar( सुधार) UPSWING (Noun)  
sudhar( सुधार) REPAIR (Noun) the building was in good repair
sudhar( सुधार) REMISSION (Noun) his cancer is in remission
sudhar( सुधार) RECLAMATION (Noun) the reclamation of delinquent children
sudhar( सुधार) UPLIFT (Noun)  
sudhar( सुधार) MODIFICATION (Noun) The building required extensive modification.


kary karane men susti (कार्य करने में सुस्ती) DILATORY (Adjective) The public has been dilatory in condemning the police action against protesters.
jhaDana (झाड़ना) FLICK (Verb) He flicked through the applications received in response to the advertisement but could not find one suitable to companys requirement.
rechak (रेचक) CATHARTIC (Noun)  
chakaleT Aisakrim (चकलेट आइसक्रीम) CHOC ICE (Noun )  
rachana (रचना) DESIGN (Verb) He contributed to the design of a new instrument The design of the building is very awkward.

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