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rachana( रचना) PIECE (Verb) an important piece of the evidence
rachana( रचना) WRITINGS (Verb)  
rachana( रचना) COMPOSITION (Verb) harmonious composition is essential in a serious work of art
rachana( रचना) PEN (Verb)  
rachana( रचना) FABRICATION (Verb) Ranjit Singh gave a new fabrication to the game of cricket.
rachana( रचना) COIN (Verb)  
rachana( रचना) CREATION (Verb) from its creation the plan was doomed to failure
rachana( रचना) ACTION (Verb) there were stories of murders and other unnatural actions
rachana( रचना) CONFORMATION (Verb)  
rachana( रचना) WORK (Verb) Leo Tolstoys work is memorable.
rachana( रचना) POEM (Verb)  
rachana( रचना) WRITE (Verb) उसने एक कविता की रचना की |


rupasvanim vijnyan (रूपस्वनिम विज्ञान) MONOPHONEMICS (Noun) Monophonemics is an interesting area of study.
phailav (फैलाव) REACH (Noun)  
ponachhana (पोंछना) DRY UP (Verb)  
nigarani (निगरानी) INVIGILATION (Noun) The army forces were in the war front for invigilatrion.
ke din bit hona (के दिन बीत होना) HAVE HAD DAY (Verb)  

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Find answer of what is meaning of RACHANA() in English dictionary? Search for translation and definition of RACHANA in English language along with synonyms and antonyms.RACHANA() ka matalab Angrezi me janiye. RACHANA का अंग्रेजी में मतलब.Know the meaning of any word using myhindienglish.com find the meaning of Hindi word RACHANA in english as well as in hindi.Know the other meaning of RACHANA and how to use that word in your life.

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