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prabhav( प्रभाव) MIGHT (Noun) वर्तमान राजनीति पर भ्रष्टाचार का प्रभाव दिखाई देता है!
prabhav( प्रभाव) TOUCH (Noun) His music has a touch of Mozat .
prabhav( प्रभाव) WEIGHT (Noun) his opinion carries great weight
prabhav( प्रभाव) SHOW (Noun) a remarkable show of skill
prabhav( प्रभाव) REACTION (Noun) his reaction to the news was to start planning what to do
prabhav( प्रभाव) IMPRESSION (Noun) his impression of her was favorable
prabhav( प्रभाव) PULL (Noun) I need not to use your pull to get this job.
prabhav( प्रभाव) INFLUENCE (Noun) Used her parents influence to get the job Her wishes had a great influence on his thinking The influence of mechanical action She was the most important influence in my life
prabhav( प्रभाव) LEVERAGE (Noun) In a corrupt society money provides adequate leverage to get favourable decisions.
prabhav( प्रभाव) EFFECT (Noun) Your scoldings will have no effect on him. The general effect of the symposium was overwhelming.
prabhav( प्रभाव) SWAY (Verb)  
prabhav( प्रभाव) WALLOP (Noun)  


labh ke rup men bahut sara paisa pana (लाभ के रूप में बहुत सारा पैसा पाना) CLEAN UP (Verb) The investor really cleaned up when the stock market went up
ugr (उग्र) ACRID (Adjective) I get vomitting sensation when I get the acrid of burning rubber.
joshapurvak lage rahana (जोशपूर्वक लगे रहना) BASH AWAY (Verb)  
kami utpiDak (कामी उत्पीड़क) MOLESTER (Noun)  
banaye rakhana (बनाये रखना) RETAIN (Verb) This soil retains water

PRABHAV Meaning in English PRABHAV का मतलब अंग्रेजी में - Translation of PRABHAV in English - MyHindiEnglish

Find answer of what is meaning of PRABHAV() in English dictionary? Search for translation and definition of PRABHAV in English language along with synonyms and antonyms.PRABHAV() ka matalab Angrezi me janiye. PRABHAV का अंग्रेजी में मतलब.Know the meaning of any word using myhindienglish.com find the meaning of Hindi word PRABHAV in english as well as in hindi.Know the other meaning of PRABHAV and how to use that word in your life.

Meaning of PRABHAV in English Translation of PRABHAV

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