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niDar( निडर) UNFEARING (Adjective)  
niDar( निडर) UNAFRAID (Adjective) Be unafraid to take risks.
niDar( निडर) GAME (Noun) He is game for dare-devil shows.
niDar( निडर) AUDACIOUS (Adjective)  
niDar( निडर) DEFIANT (Adjective) He was on the stage in a defiant manner.
niDar( निडर) FEARLESS (Adjective)  
niDar( निडर) DAUNTLESS (Adjective)  
niDar( निडर) UNDAUNTED (Adjective)  
niDar( निडर) INTREPID (Adjective)  
niDar( निडर) BRAVE (Noun) the home of the free and the brave
niDar( निडर) CONFIDENT (Adjective) a confident speaker


daivavadi (दैववादी) FATALISTIC (Adjective)  
pistaul se hatya karane vala vyavasayik hatyara (पिस्तौल से हत्या करने वाला व्यावसायिक हत्यारा) SHOOTER (Noun)  
shirSh (शीर्ष) CAPITAL (Noun) printers once kept the type for capitals and for small letters in separate cases; capitals were kept in the upper half of the type case and so became known as upper-case letters
vaRakSharohi kanagaru (वृक्षारोही कंगारू) TREE KANGAROO (Noun)  
vairi (वैरी) ENEMY (Noun) युद्ध में वैरी के दांत खट्टे करने में हमारी सेना समर्थ है.

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