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jhuTha( झूठअ) LIE (Noun )  
jhuTha( झूठा) LIER (Adjective) उसने झूठ कहा वो झूठा hai
jhuTha( झूठा) LIAR (Noun) I dont like liars.
jhuTha( झूठा) SPURIOUS (Adjective)  
jhuTha( झूठा) FEIGNED (Verb)  
jhuTha( झूठा) BROKEN (Verb) a broken mirror
jhuTha( झूठा) MENDACIOUS (Adjective) It does not pay to be mendacious.
jhuTha( झूठा) FALSE (Adjective) He made false promises.
jhuTha( झूठा) ARTIFICIAL (Adjective) artificial flowers
jhuTha( झूठा) TWO FACED (Adjective) A two-faced person should be carefully dealt with.
jhuTha( झूठा) UNTRUE (Adjective)  
jhuTha( झूठा) INSINCERE (Adjective) a charming but thoroughly insincere woman


purvayojit (पूर्वायोजित) PRE ARRANGED (Adjective) The meeting was prearranged.
shuShkata (शुष्कता) DESICCATION (Noun)  
milavaTa (मिलावटअ) ADULTERATION (Noun)  
nirlajjatapurvak (निर्लज्जतापूर्वक) UNASHAMEDLY (Adverb) he unashamedly abandoned the project when he realized he would not gain from it
chiku vaRakSh (चीकू वृक्ष) SAPODILLA TREE (Noun )  

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