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janakari( जानकारी) AWARENESS (Noun) he had no awareness of his mistakes
janakari( जानकारी) INFORMATION (Noun) the signal contained thousands of bits of information
janakari( जानकारी) ENLIGHTENMENT (Noun) the Enlightenment brought about many humanitarian reforms
janakari( जानकारी) KNOWLEDGE (Noun) It was not in my knowledge that you are changing the job.
janakari( जानकारी) INFO (Noun)  
janakari( जानकारी) POOP (Noun)  
janakari( जानकारी) CONSCIOUSNESS (Noun) he lost consciousness
janakari( जानकारी) KNOW HOW (Noun)  
janakari( जानकारी) IDEA (Noun) I have an idea of commerce.
janakari( जानकारी) DIRECTION (Noun) he looked the other direction
janakari( जानकारी) DOPE (Noun) is that the straight dope?
janakari( जानकारी) IN TOUCH WITH (Noun)  


gayika (गायिका) VOCALIST (Noun)  
paip rinach (पाइप रिंच) PIPE WRENCH (Noun)  
niShechit karana (निषेचित करना) FERTILIZE (Verb) We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants
utkirN karana (उत्किर्ण करना) INSCRIBE (Verb )  
dhay (धाय) NURSE (Verb) Florence Nightingale established the profession of a nurse as service to the mankind.

JANAKARI Meaning in English JANAKARI का मतलब अंग्रेजी में - Translation of JANAKARI in English - MyHindiEnglish

Find answer of what is meaning of JANAKARI() in English dictionary? Search for translation and definition of JANAKARI in English language along with synonyms and antonyms.JANAKARI() ka matalab Angrezi me janiye. JANAKARI का अंग्रेजी में मतलब.Know the meaning of any word using myhindienglish.com find the meaning of Hindi word JANAKARI in english as well as in hindi.Know the other meaning of JANAKARI and how to use that word in your life.

Meaning of JANAKARI in English Translation of JANAKARI

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