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TONE सुर (sur) he began in a conversational tone
TONE रंग (ranag) She has got a picture in bright tones.
TONE भावअ (bhava) he began in a conversational tone
TONE स्वराघात (svaraghat)  
TONE रंग्तअ (ranagta)  
TONE लहजा (lahaja) he began in a conversational tone
TONE स्वर (svar)  
TONE सरगम के दो सुरों का अंतराल (saragam ke do suron ka anataral)  
TONE तान (tan) Tony plays an accordian which has an excellent tone .
TONE आवाज (Avaj) They tested his hearing with pure tones of different frequencies.
TONE भाव (bhav) The manager spoke to the employer in a tone which was indignant .
TONE ध्वनि (dhvani) he began in a conversational tone


YEAR वर्ष (varSh) अगले वर्ष मैं बंगलौर जाऊँगा।
WINE लाल परी (lal pari) शराब को लाल परी की संज्ञा दी गई है !
WIND SOCK वात दिग्दर्शक (vat digdarshak)  
SATYR वनदेवता (vanadevata) She had seen satyr in the jungle.
GENE आनुवंशिकता की मूल भौतिक इकाई (Anuvanashikata ki mul bhautik ikaI) genes were formerly called factors

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