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SACK निकाल देना (nikal dena) He is sacked for incompetence.
SACK विनाश (vinash) the sack of Rome
SACK बोरा (bora) the sack of Rome
SACK बिस्तर (bistar) the sack of Rome
SACK लूटपाट (luTapaT) The sack of Troy.
SACK लूट लेना (luT lena) the sack of Rome
SACK लूटना (luTana) They sacked the town.
SACK बोरा/बोरी (bora/bori) The sack split and the rice poured out.
SACK बरख़ास्तगी (barakhaastagi) the sack of Rome


RESURFACE पुनः प्रकट होना (puna: prakaT hona) The missing man suddenly resurfaced in New York
HANGER ON पिछलग्गू (pichhalaggu) नेताओं के आगे पीछे"hanger-on"घूमते रहते हैं.
CAPITAL उत्कृष्ट (utkaRaShT) printers once kept the type for capitals and for small letters in separate cases; capitals were kept in the upper half of the type case and so became known as upper-case letters
FOOTHILL गिरिपीठ (giripiTh)  
MAKE A POOR JOB OF चौपट कर देना (chaupaT kar dena)  

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