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PUNCH रोचक अंश (rochak anash) The story told by the little boy was full of punches.
PUNCH मुक्का (mukka) His friend gave him a hard punch on his face.
PUNCH मुक्का मारना (mukka marana) The boxer was repeatedly kicked and punched.
PUNCH छेदना (chhedana) He punched his papers with a punching machine.
PUNCH छेदक यंत्र (chhedak yanatr) I gave him a clout on his nose
PUNCH दालना (dalana) I gave him a clout on his nose
PUNCH घूँसा मारना (ghuNasa marana) I gave him a clout on his nose
PUNCH एक विशेष प्रकार का शरबत (ek visheSh prakar ka sharabat) Americans are fond of drinking punch.
PUNCH दबाना (dabana) I gave him a clout on his nose
PUNCH घूँसा (ghuNasa) I gave him a clout on his nose
PUNCH उत्तेजना (uttejana) I gave him a clout on his nose


OVERHAUL निरीक्षण करना (nirikShaN karana) You should overhaul your car engine
BLIND बिना सोचे समझे (bina soche samajhe) he spent hours reading to the blind
CLEARANCE निकासी (nikasi) The cheque has been send for clearance.
BACHELOR अविवाहित पुरुष (avivahit puruSh)  
ONOMASTIC इतिहास के अध्यन से सम्बंधित (itihas ke adhyan se sambanadhit) शिवम् ऐतिहासिक तथ्यों की पढाई कर रहा है।

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