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FIT दौरा (daura) She gets epileptic fits. He gets frequent fits due to epilepsy. He gets fits of coughing frequently. He broke the crockery in a fit of anger.
FIT दौरा पड़ना (daura paDana) he had a fit
FIT शोभा देना (shobha dena) he had a fit
FIT पूरी तरह समई होना (puri tarah samI hona) he had a fit
FIT योग्य होना (yogy hona) he had a fit
FIT उपयुक्त (upayukt) This water is fit for drinking. He is a fit person for this work.
FIT उपयुक्त होना (upayukt hona) he had a fit
FIT बैठ जाना (baiTh jana) he had a fit
FIT के लिये ठीक होना (ke liye Thik hona) he had a fit
FIT उचित (uchit) It is fit and proper that one should care for the elders.
FIT नाप का (nap ka) I find that this coat is a very good fit.
FIT के लिये उपयुक्त होना (ke liye upayukt hona)  


V वी (vi)  
WHEY छाँछ (chhaNachh) Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating some curds and whey
LORE विधा (vidha) Folklore.
OFFER भेंट (bhenaT) a generous offer of assistance
OVERCOME हराना (harana) Anand overcame Kaprov in the chess

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