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CHAIN करधनी/तोड़ा (karadhani/toDDa) I like to wear a golden chain.
CHAIN ज़ंजीर से बाँधना (janajir se baNadhana) the chain of command
CHAIN जरीब (jarib) the chain of command
CHAIN सिकड़ी बाँधना (sikaDDi baNadhana) The dog was chained to the post.
CHAIN सिलसिला (silasila) the chain of command
CHAIN सिलसिलाआ (silasilaA)  
CHAIN बेड़ी (beDai) the chain of command
CHAIN बेड़ी डालना (beDai Dalana)  
CHAIN बेड़ी से बाँधना (beDai se baNadhana)  
CHAIN नापना (napana) the chain of command
CHAIN बंदी बनाना (banadi banana) the chain of command
CHAIN पराधीनता (paradhinata) the chain of command


OIL TANKER तेल पोत (tel pot)  
ABACUS गिनतारा (ginatara) Japanese prefer to use abacus for calculations.
MERCURY पारा (para) Mercury is a heavy substance"
NIP IN THE BUD सिर उठाते ही कुचल देना (sir uThate hi kuchal dena)  
CONSUMMATION पूर्ति (purti) He had the consummation of his lifes ambition at the age of 30.

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